If I delete a comment on Youtube will the commenter get notified?


I was trying to find an answer for this question online but there didn’t seem to be any good results, so I’ll ask it here:

If someone has posted an offensive comment on my Youtube channel and I go ahead and delete it, will the writer of that comment get a notification that the comment has been removed?


I did some research with my wife’s help. She logged in from her account and posted a comment on one of my videos. I later deleted that comment and here’s what happened: Not only did my wife NOT receive any message that this comment was deleted, she actually still sees the comment there when she is logged in! Only when she logs out can she see that the comment is gone. So the answer seems to be that Youtube does it’s best to HIDE the fact that your comment was deleted from a channel. Which I believe is a good thing.

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Copy-paste website

If you are like me, you are constantly throwing basic html-code together for new websites.

Now there is a fresh website that wants to speed up that process by offering you a clean and simple html-file from which you can quickly copy all your basic html markup. There are also ready-made root folders available for download.

Check out the copy-paste website at copypastewebsite.com!

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Can i use bing keyword research without adding any Microsoft code


People all over the web have been posting positive things about Bing’s keyword research tool. I too became curious enough and wanted to take a look, especially since I’m not super fond on the new Keyword planner tool from Google that has replaced the search volume estimator. My main purpose for this tool would be to check out potential domain names based on the organic search volumes of certain keywords. In other words I would like to see search volumes for certain terms in order to make smart decisions when choosing my domain names.

So I logged in with my old hotmail account (and no, I’m not using that for anything these days) and tried to find the keyword research tool from the interface. After looking around for five minutes I had to give up. I got the impression that I need to maybe first add some of my websites to the service. And to do that I would have to integrate Microsoft tracking code to my website. If that’s whats needed in order to use the keyword research tool then that’s a deal breaker for me. Microsoft as a company has such a terrible history of ruthless behavior that I’m not comfortable in adding any code from them to my websites. I don’t feel great about using Google Analytics either, but Google has been much nicer as a company so far. Well maybe except that nasty NSA episode which really dropped some points from Google in my eyes.

Anyway, long story short: it appears to me that I can’t access the keyword research tool of Bing without adding Microsoft code to at least one of my websites. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

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What are the visits from Google analytics campaign source

I have recently seen big increases in the traffic to this blog. Many of those visits are classified under “campaigns” in the Google analytics traffic sources -view.

The analytics manual says:
“Campaign is the name of the referring AdWords campaign or a custom campaign that you have created.”

The strange thing is I don’t have any adwords campaigns to my blog! Nor any other campaigns that I have created.

These visits are usually targeting very current subjects. Could these campaigns be something Google is doing on their own to drive traffic to my site?

EDIT: If I dig in deeper, I see “rss/rss” inside the campaign. So this traffic must have something to do with the rss-features of WordPress.

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Youtube no analytics data for days now

Has anyone else experienced a huge lag in youtube analytics data? The day will switch to October 7th in just 2 hours but Youtube analytics is still stuck in showing data only until October 2nd! That’s a gap of five days. Yet I haven’t seen any official reports that Youtube would be experiencing trouble with their analytics system. Being five days in the dark is a long time for a company trying to do business with the help of Youtube.

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Example of Box2dWeb and Ivank simplified


I was having a hard time understanding the Box2d demo that Ivank.js has on it’s webpage. So I went through the code line by line and added comments. I also removed the function that creates several objects and have now just a single ball in the scene to make it easier to understand. Here is the modified code in case it helps someone else trying to integrate Ivank graphics to the javascript ports of Box2D.

I also made a zip-package that includes also the graphics I used in my test. You can download the package here:

Box2DWeb+Ivank simple example

Here is the code from index.html:

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Seoanalysis .com spamming analytics data

I was happy to notice today that several of my smaller websites had traffic spikes in fridays analytics data. A deeper dig into the data revealed that most of those spikes were created by spam visits from seoanalysis .com. I hope that Google will take notice of this analytics data spam and drop their rankings. I wish people would try to succeed on their own merits, not by spamming and using questionable marketing tactics.

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Time as the ultimate observer

I have been studying and thinking about quantum mechanics during the last days.

As I was walking in the park today I started imagining different possible events that could take place in there.

There were so many possibilities and unknowns that this became a “sea of possibilities”. It was almost like my near future was in a superposition.

So I started thinking, that there was only one thing that would reveal the actual events that really would end up taking place in that park. Time itself. Almost as if time was acting as the observer, forcing superposition particles to settle to a single position.

Doesn’t this make time the great observer?

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Jquery physics starter pack

If you’re like me, you can’t wait to play around with some cool javascript-based physics simulations.

I post this resource mainly for my own convenience so that I can easily download it wherever I am working and have all the basic pieces in place. So this download simply cointains a root folder with the following files in place:
-index.html with references to all the above files and a short physics test simulation

Simply download the zip and start making changes to the index.html file. If you want to test the simulation in a browser, simply open the index.html file in your favorite browser.

Click below to download:

Jquery physics starter pack

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Has Google search been hacked by “Hangama Tube”?

A weird thing is happening at the moment:

After performing a google search and clicking on the results, “Hangama Tube” is opening in the tabs instead of the intended content. Has someone managed to hijack Google search?


Propably not, it seems like the Hangama Tube page opens only when I try access BlenderArtists.org. It seems more likely that someone has hacked BlenderArtists.org dns settings.

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